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    The Presidential Election Season is Upon Us

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    A climate group spent over $145,000 this week to celebrate

    President Biden’s climate wins 

    by Liz Ritzman - Climate Moniter


    This headline above is from an article in Climate Monitor from Nov 16, 2023


    Clean Energy for America Education Fund was one of the top spenders on climate-related Facebook and Instagram ads this week

    • Clean Energy for America Education Fund spent a TON of money on ads celebrating the impact of the Biden administration’s Clean Energy Plan.The Clean Energy for America Education Fund is an important group with an impressive team: their web address is:  https://ce4aef.org/




    • My Thoughts: "If the Clean Energy for America Education Fund (ce4aef.org) would end their short video ads with a simple display of either CleanEneryVote.com, CleanEnergyVote.org or CleanEnergy.vote their organization would be easy to remember and their messaging in the ad and the money spent on those ads in 3 states would have longer-lasting proactive effects. In all probability the results of their ROAS and their overall ROI would have been more impressive...





    U.S. political ad market projected to reach record

    $16 billion in 2024

    by Sarah Fisher - Axios

    This headline is from an Axios article from Dec 8, 2023


    Based on the spending trends of recent elections, the 2024 election will likely be the most expensive in American history.


    Link to the article




    Climate is on the Ballot Around the World


    About half of the world’s population will be electing leaders this year.

    By Manuela Andreoni


    This headline is from The New York Times article in Climate Forward Jan 16, 2024,



    My colleagues at The Times report that it’s “one of the largest and most consequential democratic exercises

    in living memory,” which “will affect how the world is run for decades to come.”


    Climate is front and center on many of the ballots.

    Major climate policies at stake

    Climate change is one of the issues on which Republicans and Democrats are farthest apart.


    President Biden signed what many called the most powerful climate legislation in the country’s history.


    Republicans have also prepared a sweeping strategy called Project 2025 if Trump wins back the White House. As my colleague Lisa Friedman wrote last year, “The plan calls for shredding regulations to curb greenhouse gas pollution from cars, oil and gas wells, and power plants, dismantling almost every clean energy program in the federal government and boosting the production of fossil fuels.”


    The extensive NYT article is at this link:



    If you do not subscribe to the NYT and can't read it there: here is a link to a Google Drive Share free access copy