• BradleyArthur


    Social Practice Text-based Artist 

    Bradley Arthur, a recognized sculptor and text-based artist, has embarked on a groundbreaking artistic journey. Fueled by concerns about global warming, human rights, misinformation, deliberate deception, and declining voter turnout, Arthur sought to increase the viewership of traditional exhibition spaces to reach an expanded demographic. His innovative approach involves transitioning from metal-sculpted words to creating digital text using uniform resource locators (URLs). 

    These URLs (domain names) serve as unique addresses on the Internet, directing users to specific resources and websites.


    Arthur’s latest body of work focuses on civic engagement with voter-centric call-to-action digital destinations. By leveraging language and technology, he aims to engage a broader audience and inspire civic participation. The Internet addresses in his collection address critical environmental, social, and democratic issues. Through simple text, Arthur communicates core value issues, bypassing click-bait media noise and emphasizing fundamental principles for a healthier planet and stronger democracy.


    Each URL becomes a portal for positive citizen engagement, providing civic tools to channel concerns into constructive action. Arthur’s collection fosters conversation, collaboration, and collective awareness, empowering individuals and online communities to shape a better future. His work exemplifies the intersection of art, technology, and civic responsibility, inviting us all to participate in shaping a healthier world.


    For more information visit his website: 





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