• BradleyArthur


    Social Practice Text-based Artist 


    For the past nine years, Arthur, a recognized sculptor and text-based artist with works in numerous permanent collections, including the Yale University Art Gallery, has transcended traditional exhibition spaces in his latest artistic endeavor. Driven by concerns about global warming, human rights, and declining voter turnout, Arthur sought to reach a wider audience. For this project he transitioned from metal-sculpted text-based art to the contemporary medium of digital text, creating URLs (domain names) for the World Wide Web.

    This new body of work, titled "Election Assets," leverages the power of language and technology to create a unique portfolio of voter-centric call-to-action digital destinations. These Internet addresses hold the potential to shape the narrative around critical environmental, social, and democratic issues through every election cycle. More than just words, these domains become portals for positive citizen participation.

    The dot(.)vote domains act as catalysts for conversation, collaboration, and collective action, empowering individuals and online communities to shape a healthier future.


    For more information see his website: BradleyArthur.com




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